How to Convert Speed

Speed is basically the resultant of distance divided by time. The SI unit (International System of Units) of speed is the metre per second, but the most common unit of speed is either kilometre per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph). For air and marine travel the knot (kn) is commonly used.

1 Kilometre per hour = 0.62 Mile per hour

1 Mile per hour = 1.60 Kilometre per hour

1 Knot = 1.85 Kilometre per hour

1 Knot = 1.15 Mile per hour

Good to know

Better get the app so you can convert where ever you are – land, sea or the sky. You should check with the local authority what the speed limits are and then convert to your known limit which you are use to. This way, you will have the feel of it while driving, sailing or flying.

Hope you learned something new. Download the free app so you can take this in your pocket!

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