Supported Unit Conversions

There are 18 types of conversions and more than 100 units in total. You can convert between Metric and Imperial units without having to go though multiple views.


Square Millimeter, Centimeter, Square Meter, Hectare, Square Kilometer, Square Inch, Square Yard, Square Foot, Acre, Square Mile


Microgram, Milligram, Gram, Kilogram, Tonne (Metric Ton), Ounce, Pound, Stone, US Ton, Imperial Ton


Millimeter, Centimeter, Meter, Kilometer, Light year, Inch, Yard, Foot, Mile


Cubic Millimeter, Cubic Centimeter, Millilitre, Centilitre, Decilitre, Litre, Kilolitre, Cubic meter, Cubic kilometer, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Cubic inch, Fluid Ounce, Cup, Pint, Quart, Gallon, Cubic foot, Cubic yard

Volume Flow Rate

Cubic Millimeter per second, Cubic Centimeter per second, Millilitre per second, Centilitre per second, Decilitre per second, Litre per second, Litre per minute, Litre per hour, Kilolitre per second, Kilolitre per minute, Kilolitre per hour, Cubic meter per second, Cubic meter per minute, Cubic meter per hour, Cubic kilometer per second, Teaspoon per second, Tablespoon per second, Cubic inch per second, Cubic inch per minute, Cubic inch per hour, Fluid Ounce per second, Fluid Ounce per minute, Fluid Ounce per hour, Cup per second, Pint per second, Pint per minute, Pint per hour, Quart per second, Gallon per second, Gallon per minute, Gallon per hour, Cubic foot per second, Cubic foot per minute, Cubic foot per hour, Cubic yard per second, Cubic yard per minute, Cubic yard per hour


Pascal, Kilopascal, Megapascal, Hectopascal, Bar, Torr, Pound per square inch, Kilopound per square inch


Watt, Milliwatt, Kilowatt, Megawatt, Gigawatt

Reactive Power

Volt-Ampere Reactive, Millivolt-Ampere Reactive, Kilovolt-Ampere Reactive, Megavolt-Ampere Reactive,
Gigavolt-Ampere Reactive

Apparent Power

Volt-Ampere, Millivolt-Ampere, Kilovolt-Ampere, Megavolt-Ampere, Gigavolt-Ampere


Watt-hour, Milliwatt-hour, Kilowatt-hour, Megawatt-hour, Gigawatt-hour, Joule, Kilojoule

Reactive Energy

Volt-Ampere Reactive Hour, Millivolt-Ampere Reactive Hour, Kilovolt-Ampere Reactive Hour, Megavolt-Ampere
Reactive Hour, Gigavolt-Ampere Reactive Hour


Metre per second, Kilometre per hour, Mile per hour, Knot, Foot per second


Ampere, Milliampere, Kiloampere


Volt, Millivolt, Kilovolt

Parts Per

Part-per Million, Part-per Billion, Part-per Trillion, Part-per Quadrillion


degree Celsius, degree Fahrenheit, degree Kelvin


Bit, Kilobit, Megabit, Gigabit, Terabit, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte


Nanosecond, Microsecond, Millisecond, Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year